A expanded model of

Venture Capital

We didn’t match with the traditional investor model, so we started a wider approach, which embraces and brings more tools and resources for the creation and development of Startups.

We’ve got Futurum Verticals for every step of the project



We team up with entrepreneurs and corporations to found Startups, providing the essential resources to get the idea off the ground and make it take shape. Being a program of creation and continuous support until the startup becomes completely independent.



An acceleration program that prepares Startups to reach more mature stages of growth before receiving financial support, offering services such as: Growth, Product/Market Fit, Product Design, Business Plan, Financial and Commercial Intelligence. In addition to providing a space with several facilities for entrepreneurs.



A development program for Startups that have already reached a certain maturity and need specialized services. In this program, we actively act on the boards of directors.



We invest in projects that are relevant to society and contribute to generating a positive impact on the world. Looking for impactful, disruptive, scalable and strategic projects.

Our Values

We and our team has been built on some unegotiable values, that follow our mindset to lead our work and strategies.

Focus on Results
Creativity & Daring
Ownership & Teamwork
Commitment & Excellence

Associations & Ecosystem



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